About us

These days we have less time than ever to prepare the evening meal. At the same time, our palate is more discerning than ever.

The founders of Passage Foods understood this. They also believed that most of the high convenience meal solutions available did not deliver on authenticity.

That's why they developed a range of retail products that would offer consumers a quick and easy meal solution, with amazing restaurant quality flavours.

The success of Passage Foods is the result of following these three principles:

1. True Authenticity – Each of our recipes is carefully researched and developed by specialty chefs from the region of origin. We also ensure all of our ingredients are sourced from around the world to ensure absolute authenticity.

2. Consumer Convenience – Today the consumer is more time-poor than ever. Using Passage Foods sauces, a delicious and convenient meal can be prepared in under 20 minutes with just three simple steps.

3. Wholesome, All Natural Ingredients – We know that many people are concerned about the use of artificial colours, flavours, flavour enhancers and preservatives. That’s why we develop our products using all natural ingredients.

Our commitment to these principles, as well as our state-of-the-art ISO and BRC certified production facility, has made Passage Foods a favourite meal for retailers and consumers around the world.